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      Questions you should ask yourself before making a suggestion

      • Is this suggestion really necessity?
      • Is this suggestion really necessity?

      How to create your suggestion

      • Begin by thinking of a new feature.

      If you’re suggesting that a new shares category or discussions forum be added you might want to take a few things into account;

      • Is there an immediate demand for this?

      *** Collabrating isn’t just about you; it’s about everyone and doing what’s best for the community.

      Posting Your Suggestion

      Creating a Title → Let’s begin by entering an appropriate thread subject.

      Post Content → Now that you have a title, you’re going to want to list out all the benefits.

      Reviewing your Post → Finally, before clicking the ‘Post Thread’ button, make sure you’ve reviewed your thread.


      • Use the Search feature before posting.
      • ……..
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